A pair of interactive robotic shoes that are activated by an iPhone application.
SHORT++ explores the possibility of making height an interactive variable
that can be modified in real-time and how it would reshape interaction between people.


The shoes became a real hit!
They were featured at MoMA at the show Talk To Me
The Shoes received a lot of media attention. Here is a selected list of publications:

* The Approval Matrix of the New York Magazine

* Fast company

* The Discovery Channel

* The Sun Newspaper in the UK

* Interview on RocketBoom’s daily international news program

* Gizmodo

* Interview on NPR – On The Media

Watch SHORT++ in action changing my daily life:

With SHORT++ users control their height with a simple finger gesture on a the iPhone screen. And yes there’s a new app. / UP for that:

Here is a close-UP view of the shoes go UP and down:

Here are a few animated scenes envisioning SHORT++ in action:

Studio: Independent Project
Year Completed: 2010