Bits & Bricks

bricks_thumbnail2 Bits & Bricks is a micro-world where you can dictate a swarm of projected dynamic creatures before they escape the game’s “board” and take over the world…
Your weapon of choice: wooden bricks that you can place in the projected grid to block the creatures movement.

This spatial media project/game integrates between the physical and virtual – it establishes a physical platform (a surface with wooden play bricks) that interacts with a virtual projection (a white grid and a swarm of robots). The projected animated creatures collide with the 3D blocks in a lively motion.

Using a camera below a translucent surface the changing composition of the 3D bricks is registered. A real-time computer vision program has been developed in Processing to interpret the physical placement of the wooden bricks. The program populates creatures and controls their colliding behaviors in real-time.
The projection is from the ceiling on the surface. The projected grid creates a clear “playing board” for the users and also facilitates the tracking of the blocks within a finite set of coordinates.

Future developments: illustrate/animate creatures with distinguished characteristics and movement on the surface; Creating a smooth simulation of robots flocking behavior and their life-like interaction with the physical bricks. It is also a unique platform for experimentation with flock behavior of robots before the upcoming robots revolution, when swarms of physical robots will occupy our living space…


Studio: Independent Project
Year Completed: 2009
Collaborators: Adam Lassy