Intel Ultrabook Tree & Interactive Pinwheels

The Intel Ultrabook™ Tree is an interactive installation for Intel’s 2013 CES booth developed in the LAB at Rockwell Group. The interactive tree was designed with a digital canopy built from 180 Ultrabook Convertibles. Each Ultrabook in the canopy acts as a window in a continuous virtual world populated by generative blooms.
Visitors were invited to generate these blooms on interactive Ultrabooks at the base of the tree, via a custom touch-screen app. After creating a bloom, visitors launched it into the tree’s digital canopy, where each bloom became a part of a larger dynamic digital canopy.
The interaction between the base of the tree and the canopy was enabled by Spacebrew, an open-source toolkit developed by the LAB. The tree and touch-screen applications were developed using openFrameworks.

Next to the tree, simulating a field of flowers, the Lab designed playful interactive Pinwheels that translate the spin of the pinwheels into virtual outputs, driving animations of Intel’s Convertible Ultrabook. Each pinwheel becomes a tangible interface to a screen, seamlessly blurring between the digital and physical. The installation represents the transformative and personal nature of Intel’s Convertible Ultrabook.

Client: Intel
Role: Experience Designer
Studio: LAB at Rockwell Group
Year Completed: 2013