Interactive Transparent LCD Window

A series of prototypes using a transparent LCD panel, featuring innovative potential applications of this emerging technology as a window.

The Transparent LCD panel utilizes ambient light (such as sun light) as opposed to the conventional LCD panel that uses a back light unit. The transparent LCD panel has a high transparency rate, which enables a person to look through the panel.

The prototyped applications create digital environments overlaid on the physical view through the window, creating a playful juxtaposition of the physical and digital. These concepts are envisioned for future incorporations within smart-homes and hotel rooms.

The prototypes include an augmented reality dashboard, a virtual window shade, a virtual weather controller, color filters, surreal worlds, and a party-mode with a view of virtual fireworks.

The Augmented Reality Dashboard transforms the window into an augmented reality interface with real-time information and data visualizations overlaid on the view. It becomes interactive with a touch foil applied to the front of LCD panel transforming it into a touchscreen.

The Virtual Window Shade application lets users control how much daylight enters the room without the need for physical blinds. The virtual window shades open and close periodically to reveal the view outside and bring light in. This concept could also become interactive, controlled by users gestures.
The Virtual Window Shade application includes variations of virtual shades, curtains and decorative window grills.

The Weather Control application imagines a window that lets users set the weather outside by overlaying a weather look and feel on the view outside. This could be via gestures sensing or an associated mobile app.

The Color Filters application is a simple design concept that allows users to change the color of the view at the swipe of a hand using gestures sensing technology (incorporate design by Rafael Rozendaal).

Role: Creative Lead
Studio: LAB at Rockwell Group
Year Completed: 2013