Fusion – Electrosonic Event

This project was a one-night-only event designed for the international A/V company Electrosonic and held at the LED Lab in New York City’s TriBeCa. We created a responsive environment choreographed out of multiple LED surfaces with multi-resolutions. Guests “caught” fireflies on a centrally located interactive touch table and “released” them to the LED surfaces all around. Releasing the fireflies brought the canvases to light and activated the room; the more fireflies guests added to the environment, the brighter the space became.
The project was inspired by an unexpected discovery of the connection between technology and nature: the method by which LEDs emit light (called Electroluminescence) is similar to the method by which living organisms emit light (called Bioluminescence).
More than 200 guests, including leading media, technology, and design professionals, were invited into an immersive interactive environment where they experienced AV integration as connected and collaborative and learned about LED technology in a playful and memorable way.

Role: Experience Design Lead
Studio: Second Story
Year Completed: 2014
Collaborators: Electrosonic