Here to There – Tribeca Film Festival

This project was created for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival’s Interactive Playground.
Tribeca Film Festival’s Digital and Interactives team invited Second Story to participate in the 2015 TFI Interactive Playground.

The Project was an experiment using wearable technology as a new medium for immersive storytelling.
The idea was to use story and technology to provoke a conversation about the future of storytelling.
We created an environment where festival audience could weave their own narrative experience in a completely non-linear and spatial way. They discovered the story through wearable devices and actors. The actors wore custom helmets (Transmitters) that transmitted the story to the audience. The audience had the freedom to explore the festival space while wearing custom headphones (Receivers). When a the headphones came into proximity with the helmets, parts of the story were revealed. Aided by the choreography of the actors, the audience experienced a non-linear narrative built from their proximity and interactions with the different characters.
The goal with Here to There was to really rethink wearable technology beyond fitness and the Internet of Things and smart homes—to imagine a future of dynamic environments that are responsive to our presence and our location in space.

I leveraged my product design expertise to create visually distinctive wearable devices. Exaggerated bubble shapes redefined the body’s silhouette, and the translucent material exposed the enclosed technological components as well as the user’s own body. The different form-factors for the Transmitters and the Receivers accented each’s purpose. The Transmitters were oversized dome-shaped helmets that acted as beacons signaling a focal point of transmission for participants. The Receivers were oversized headphones emphasizing the act of listening, which is key to the experience. In contrast to how headphones in public space become barriers between us and our surroundings, in Here to There the Receivers were meant to enable the audience to be present and connected to their immediate surroundings and to others in the experience.
The physical design and the experience delighted the crowd and provided plenty of photo ops.
Here to There took social media by storm (with many selfies with the headsets) and the project was prominently featured in the Tribeca Film Festival’s “Daily Wrap Up” video.





Role: Experience and product design lead
Studio: Second Story
Year Completed: 2015
Collaborators: Lucy McRae