Lyt Toronto: Interactive Light Feature


For the opening of SapientNitro’s new Toronto office, Second Story, in collaboration with SN and IIG, designed a three story, interactive LED light feature that responds to the collective movement of its inhabitants.

It’s intended to be a real-time, artful expression of the Toronto community visually displayed through generative art modulation. Its open-source design reflects the innovative, experimental spirit of SapientNitro while pushing the boundaries of where story and technology meet.
When employees scan their IDs, the RFID embedded badge triggers a series of “drops” that generatively build across the installation, revealing the ripple effect of their contributions.
In addition to the responsive nature of the design, studio artists and technologist were given a communal development platform designed to be updated regularly with new inputs, content and treatments.

Have a look at this blog post about the project that I have wrote with Chris Carlson, who was the Tech Lead on this project





Role: Creative Lead
Studio: Second Story
Year Completed: 2016
Collaborators: SapientNitro