Fold US Candidate


FoldUScandidate is a website that I have launched during the 2008 Presidential campaign. It is an interactive design project that allows a wide audience to exchange their political aspirations (or frustrations) in a creative way online.
Through the website, users can download and print folding patterns of finger-puppets/action-figures of the presidential candidates. After staging finger puppet debates and campaigns, users upload vids and pics of their creations on Flickr and Youtube.

To my excitement, the project has soon established an avid community of “political puppeteers”, interacting in a fresh new mode. As you can see in the links on the website (Flickr/YouTube), many people have uploaded photos and videos of their own “presidential debates”. It also had a nice media following as it was featured on blogs, such as BoingBoing, and other media outlets worldwide.
This project demonstrated to me the potential of interactive platforms that integrate various media and ways of interaction (crafts, web, mobile, Video, TV).

Studio: Independent Project
Year Completed: 2008
Collaborators: Ilan Marom