Mr. Tech


Mr. Tech is a flexible armature that allows users to control a virtual character on the screen – within an animated scene.
The 3D interactive character is designed as a simple “stick figure” with springy arms and legs. Bending the arms/legs alters the embodied flex sensors and in parallel alters the virtual 2D character on screen. The actions of Mr.Tech change the animation and unfolds the narrative.

The concept behind this project was to integrate between low-tech character animation [stop-motion that involves the movement of a figure frame by frame] and high-tech animation [Processing]

Technically, what happens is:
input – changing values from each flex sensors (2 arms+2 legs) >>>
output – changing the bend of the arms/legs of character in the Processing animation>>>
output – as values reach certain conditions the animation’s scene/story changes…


Studio: Independent Project
Year Completed: 2008